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Every year on March 8th the world celebrates International Women’s Day.

I love Women’s Day as it’s a chance to celebrate women all over the world. Here are the 3 most inspiring women in my life:

Number 1 is my grandma! I love my grandma so much. She is a queen in my eyes. She started a legacy of strong women in my family. When she was 23 she left home and moved to a totally new country to create a life for herself.

Even though she lived in a foreign land, not knowing anyone, she didn’t let that get in the way of her dreams. She made a decision to be bold and courageous everyday. She inspires me to be adventurous and to follow my curiosity.

Number 2 is my mum! My grandma must have taught my mum everything because she is just as amazing. My mum is so kind, loving and understanding. She’s always there for me when I need her. I remember when I first started following my passion for acting. She supported me all the way. When I felt like I wasn’t good enough, she encouraged me and made sure I didn’t give up.

My mum taught me about perseverance. The journey towards your dreams is never easy but you just have to keep taking baby steps and moving forward.

Number 3 is my big sister! Although she is 5 years older than me, she is still my best friend. Growing up we did everything together. She never left me out. She works very hard in school and is always getting good grades. After school she volunteers with a charity to teach other girls who aren’t in school. How cool is that?

My big sis has taught me the importance of helping other girls. She always says, “If you alone can fulfil your dream then it’s not big enough.” In your journey to your dreams it’s important to bring people along with you. When one girl wins, girls all over the world win!

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