Everyone’s a Springster!

Part 8: How do Springsters Succeed? We include everyone.

Hey, girl, hey!

Being a Springster is all about treating people with love, respect and kindness. In our world everyone’s equal- even if someone seems different to you, deep down we’re all the same. Anybody and everybody can be a Springster, you’re all welcome here!

Everyones_a_Springster_8_1.jpg Everyone_a_Springster_8_2.png Everyones_a_Springster_8_3.png Everyones_a_Springster_8_4.jpg Everyones_a_Springster_8_5.png Everyones_a_Springster_8_6.jpg Everyones_a_Springster_8_7.jpg Everyones_a_Springster_8_7.jpg Everyones_a_Springster_8_8.jpg

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