A love letter to myself

Because you’re worth it!

Many girls struggle with confidence and self-esteem. This is how Oneli (14) and Kanelo (14) learned to love themselves. These are the love letters they wrote to themselves.

Dear Oneli,

You’ve come a long way from days when you thought you were ugly and dumb. You now realise that just like every girl in the world, you are unique and that celebrating who you are makes you a beautiful person inside and out. You have accepted that you are an introvert who’d rather spend Saturday night doing her homework than going to a party. Even though you’re shy, you’ve learned to speak up and be heard.

You no longer let it stop you from being heard, like when you challenged yourself to start raising your hand in class when you know the right answer or if there’s something you don’t understand.

You’re confident and dream big, like wanting to start an organisation that helps girls to build up their confidence and self-esteem. This is going to help us girls face the world with courage and determination.

Dear Kanelo,

You have always been a confident person. You’ve never looked down on yourself or paid attention to what people say about you. I’m proud of you for working hard on making your dreams come true. After many nights studying very hard to make it, you’re now a drama student at the National School of the Arts. You’re a step closer to being an actress. If you keep working hard, do all your school work, practise and focus on your studies, the world will know about you. Keep pushing. Your moment will come.

Why not join millions of girls who are taking a stand for self-love and write a letter to yourself? You can do it!

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