Mums are just grown up Springsters

They’re really not that different!

I was in English class one day at school and I felt something weird going on inside me. I looked down and realised I had started my period in class. OMG why in class! Why in class with everyone there. I know periods are normal, but I was a bit shy so I wrote the teacher a note and passed it to my friend to give her. Sometimes when you are too shy to talk writing a letter can be a good alternative. The teacher secretly smiled at me and then said in a stern voice “everyone go outside for a 10 minute break, Cinta stay behind”. HA. Everyone thought I was in trouble but really my teacher had my back.

I asked her for advice on how to tell my parents. I was shy because my mum and I don’t really talk about personal issues. Anyway she gave me a new perspective. All women have periods and my mum would be able to relate to my experience. After all she was once a young girl too.

Mrs Ndali also said to approach my mum during a fun activity she would enjoy.That way we would both be super relaxed and the conversation would flow well. When I got home from school I asked my mum to bake a cake with me. She loves to bake and as we were decorating the cake I told her about my day. She was super supportive and gave me the biggest hug ever. I felt so relieved.

Now I’m 18 my mum and I are super close and we can talk about anything. I see my mum as a grown-up Springster. She totally understands what I go through in life and is here to encourage me the way us Springsters do. We’ve had similar experiences growing up so I have no reason to be scared of talking to her. I love her and she loves me more!

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