Don’t let your period hold you back

Be confident. Be fearless.

Periods are usually associated with pain, acne, mood swings and embarrassing moments BUT I’m here to tell you it’s not always like that.

When you are on your period, people might tell you all sorts of things like “stay in bed all day”, “don’t play sports”, or “don’t tell anyone you’ve started”, but you don’t need to listen. If you feel well enough to do things, then go for it. Don’t let anyone hold you back, girl! Thanks to Springster, that’s my attitude to everything in life now.

Last month I had a big competition coming up. My team and I had been training every day. We had a high chance of winning the national championship for the relay race. Everything had been going smoothly leading up to the competition. But the day before it, my period came unexpectedly in the middle of training!

Thankfully I didn’t have any stains, but I needed to leave practice early to get some rest before the next day. Only my mum knows about my period and it felt embarrassing having to tell my male coach that I started my period. The girls and I tried to think of random excuses I could give without telling him the truth. We were laughing hard at the silly excuses we came up with when Gloria pointed out that Coach had an older daughter. She mostly likely had started her period, so there was really nothing to be embarrassed about. Gloria was right. Men may not get periods but they have mothers, sisters and wives who do, so they understand.

Still, feeling a bit nervous and shy, I went up to Coach and told him I had started my period. All he said was no problem, he’d give my mum a call so she could pick me up. Wow. The conversation was super easy!

The next day I woke up feeling like a champion. And with that mindset I pushed myself and we won the race! As I crossed the finish line a news anchor came to interview me.

“Congratulations Kwassi! How are you feeling?” she said.

I replied, “I feel amazing! Yesterday I was a bit nervous when my period came, but I decided not to let it get in the way. I stayed focused on the goal and I’m so grateful for the outcome.”

After opening up to Coach about my period, I didn’t feel the need to be embarrassed about anything. Some people still can’t believe I spoke about my period on national TV but who cares! Periods are normal and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m just glad my team won!

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