How Healthy are you - Your answers

Now count how many As, Bs or Cs you have and see below what it says about your health:

If you have mostly As, you’re a Healthy Hirut You definitely know what’s good for you and what’s not. You know that drinking eight glasses of water a day is important, that there’s no goodness in sugary drinks. You would rather be out on the sports field than hanging around stinky smokers. Keep it up even though sometimes it’s hard to say no! To save money, and to encourage your family and friends to get healthy like you, try growing your own vegetables together!

If you have mostly Bs, you’re a Borderline Bianca You know what’s good and bad, but you need a little reminder every now and then. Being healthy is all about good habits and you may have picked up a few too many bad ones. To get to star healthy status, why not set yourself some goals, like doing some exercise at least twice a week and making a healthy supper for the family that is packed with vegetables. Achieving your goals will make you feel proud and want to do even better!

If you have mostly Cs, you’re a Disappointed Desi Don’t despair, it’s not too late to start making some serious changes. This is the only body you’ve got, so it’s your job to look after it! Why not start with small changes like ditching sugary snacks, rather eat energy packed fruit. And if you don’t do much exercise, start by taking short walks with your friends, and then eventually turn them into short jogs! That will motivate you to stay on the healthy track.

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