Period pimples

Eating healthy but still get spots?

Eating healthy can help to calm your skin, but there are many other reasons for flare ups. If you notice a nasty breakout the same time every month, you could be having a hormonal breakout.

Period pimples are caused by changes in your hormones during your monthly menstruation cycle. The good news? Getting to know your monthly skin cycle can help you better manage your breakouts.

Before your period: Your body is pumping out more estrogen and progesterone to help prepare your body for ovulation. This stimulates oil glands, which creates a better breeding ground for pores to get clogged which leads to breakouts.

During your period: Now testosterone, the hormone more dominant in males, is spiking in your body. While estrogen takes a back seat. Your skin may also be more tender and sensitive during this time, so massage your face with more moisturiser or give yourself some extra love.

After your period: You should see some momentary relief from spots during this time. Your body is balancing out your hormones, and you may enjoy your best skin days of the month. Enjoy your post flow glow – you’ve earned it!

While hormonal spots are an internal cause, taking extra care of your skin during your more sensitive times can help to not make it worse. Wash your face of any make-up, pollution and excess oil – especially just before your period.

Most importantly, know that no one is immune to spots. Especially during puberty, your body is going through loads of hormonal changes, so these show up more on your skin. Be patient with those period pimples, avoid popping them, and they’ll be sure to go away on their own.

If your skins is causing you any major concerns, have a chat to your doctor about ways to combat your acne.

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