Puberty can be a smooth ride

Don't do it alone

Our bodies change a lot during puberty, and many girls wonder whether they are normal. These changes can feel confusing, but being able to learn about them, and talk with close friends or family, can make the journey less scary. When I started going through puberty, I decided to reach out to my best friend, even though I felt a little shy about it at first. Speaking to each other made us both feel more confident and far less alone.

Puberty usually begins when we’re between 8-14 years old. During this time of change, your body releases a number of hormones, and these encourage our ovaries to start producing estrogen. Sometimes this flow of hormones can make us feel emotional and confused. This is completely normal, but it's important that you are able to share your feelings with friends and trusted adults. They will help you feel less lonely, and can offer you a hug or advice when you are feeling sad. It's common to feel unsure of yourself during puberty. A lot of changes are happening, and sometimes we compare ourselves to our friends. Remember everyone is on their own journey, and everyone changes in their own time.

When your puberty begins, you will experience a few bodily changes too. Sometimes these physical changes can make you feel a bit emotional. It can feel strange seeing your body transform and feelings of unease are part of the process. You might put on a bit of weight, and you will most likely develop breasts and get hair in places like under your arms, on your legs, and on your vagina. These changes happen to us all but can feel strange at first. That's why it's important to share your feelings with your pals. If you have some great girlfriends by your side, you will get through it like the superstar you are.

Asking for support can sometimes feel scary, but chatting with my best friend about puberty was the best thing I did. We got to share our experiences with each other, and it meant that I always had someone by my side who understood what I was going through. Puberty can be a smooth ride, as long as you have loved ones by your side!

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