Who says periods are "impure"?

Don’t believe everything you hear

Starting your period can sometimes feel scary. Added to this stress are old-fashioned stories about periods being dirty. This isn't true, but can make us feel alone. The truth is, periods happen to half the world's population, and aren't impure or anything to be ashamed of! Remembering these few things can make you feel more confident about menstruation, and ease any period worries away.

1. Periods are a healthy part of life!

Periods are completely normal and in no way unclean. In fact, getting your period is a sign of good health. It's a natural bodily function and something that people all over the world experience. Yes, even your favourite female popstar, film icon, teacher, or politician. Talking to your friends about your period is a great way to feel more confident and less alone. You could even reach out to a trusted older woman you admire. Having a close network of ladies you can talk to, is a great way to feel supported.

2. It's okay to prepare ahead.

If the thought of getting your period unexpectedly makes you feel nervous, then why not keep some supplies in your bag. Keeping sanitary pads, napkins, and a spare change of underwear on you will mean you are always prepared. It's normal for your period to be a bit irregular at first, so you can always start wearing a pad a few days before you start. It's also a great idea to mark off your period dates on a calendar so that you can get an idea of your menstrual cycle.

3. Periods are not shameful.

When I was a young girl, I started my period unexpectedly in a grocery store. I was buying myself some fruit, when an older lady tapped me on the shoulder and told me that I was leaking through my shorts. However, she didn't laugh at me, or make me feel like there was something wrong with me. She gently took my hand and showed me to the bathroom. Although I felt a little embarrassed, her kindness made me realize that there was nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we have a leak or an awkward moment, but this is nothing to feel bad about.

So remember - periods are just another step in your journey towards becoming the fabulous woman you were born to be! They don't change who you are as a person and they certainly don't make you dirty. They are just a natural and healthy part of our lives. Now If people try and treat you differently when you are on your period you can stand up for yourself and recite these FACTS!

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