All my friends have jobs

How will I ever get a one?

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My best friend Abbie is busy every weekend working at the local fruit stall. My brother works late each night doing deliveries. Lina helps her mum at her hair salon, sweeping up hair and sometimes being allowed to help wash the customers’ hair.

I sent out my resume to all the local restaurants and stores, and still did not land a job. I couldn’t seem to get my foot in the door as I didn’t have any experience yet.

I love textiles, but all the girls who worked in the boutiques were a bit older and had sales experience. No one would give me a chance!

Since my friends were busy working, I decided to try to do something productive. I read up on how to sew, dye and repair clothes. I rented books from the library and researched videos online, as well as my knowledge from school. This way, for next summer, I would have more experience to get a job.

With my pocket money, I went to the shops to buy some pieces I thought I could work on. I made a handful of pieces and wore them to school. I got so many compliments – “Where did you get that skirt from?” “That backpack is so cool!” “I love your shoes!”

That weekend I went down to the local market and asked some of the store owners how it worked and how much I would need to sell to turn a profit. I asked mum to help me pay for the rent of the stall, and I would pay her back with my pocket money or, hopefully, my profits.

Soon enough I was making enough profit to rent the stall each month without my mum’s help.

At first, I felt hopeless when no one would give me a chance. But rather than wait and hope for someone to hire me, I turned my passion into pay!

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