Finish what you start: the harder, better and faster way

Find out how to get things done one small baby step at a time!

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Are you the last student who submit your homework?
Do you get panic easily when it comes to deadlines?
Do you always get caught up in million things yet don’t even know where to start?

If your inside are screaming “YES!” — or more likely, “I should really answer ‘YES!’ later, after I have a snack and then watch funny videos on my phone” — you are a procrastinator. We totally will tell you what it means to be a procrastinator later. After we’ve had a nap.

Kidding! Sort of!

Procrastination means that you wait to do things until the last possible second before they need to be done. When you’re still young, that’s not a huge deal. But as you get older and more and more responsibilities get added to your life, procrastinating can mean your life becomes totally stressful.

You don’t have to be a super-organized person to get your procrastinating under control. All you need a are a few helpful hints. Which you have to do now, not later. Which is why you have the procrastinating problem to begin with.

Paper & Pen
Get a super small journal, one that you can carry around everyday, 24/7. Great works start small. The first step is having a paper reminder walking around with you all day long.

List, list and more list
Next, create your day-to-day to do list. Make it clear. Don’t just put: Tuesday, walk the dog and do laundry. No. State the exact time! Example: Walk the dog on 12.00 PM. Do laundry on 14.45 PM. This way, you get a clear idea on what to do next and be on time! Don’t forget to prioritize the list too. Tackle the most important ones followed by the smaller things to do next.

Treat yo self
When you accomplish all those pesky tasks, it’s healthy to reward yourself after. True, totally weird story: lots of people find that just checking off the tasks feels kind of like a reward all on its own… but let’s be real. The funner something is, the more likely you’ll do it. Example: If you finish your 2000-word essay tonight instead of an hour before it is due, go get ice cream.

Avoid distraction
Procrastination has a BFF. It’s name is Distraction. Procrastination and Distraction like to hang out and make sure you watch hilarious videos instead of getting some serious work done.

You’re going to need to drop Distraction like a bad boyfriend.

Turn that phone off, close those tabs, ignore the phone calls and focus on getting stuff done. Don’t let anything or anyone gets in the way of getting to your goals. You might try to set rules too, example: You can only take a look at your phone when you’re on break. Other than that, say goodbye to chat rooms and social media. Remember, the deeper you scroll the further you are from your goal.

Werk it, girl!

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I swear u guys are helpful.I've just realized how big of a procrastinator i am.From today am willing to change for the best.THANKS.

July 2, 2023, 7:53 a.m.