Girls are learning around the world!

You too have a right to a good education

Did you know that getting an education has been proven to help girls (just like you!) live better lives? And it’s not just important for girls, it’s also important for the whole community. Experts have even studied this and say that when girls are able to complete primary and secondary school, they’re more likely to make smarter and healthier choices about protecting themselves from diseases, as well as things like when they will marry and how many children to have. It’s also been shown that educating girls helps a country’s economy because educated girls get better jobs, earn more and help their families out of poverty and even create more jobs!

This is why many governments and worldwide organisations like the United Nations support girls’ education. But it’s not just big organisations, governments and adults who think that educating girls is awesome, here’s what girls like you from around the world had to say…

Danvi (18), who lives in Bangladesh, says. “I’m one of millions of girls who’ve been helped by the Bangladesh Female Secondary School Assistance Program. As the youngest of seven children, I didn’t think I could go to school – it was just too expensive. But the Program helped pay my fees and I’ll finish school this year. The program has also helped build better schools and at my school, they’ve even provided separate bathrooms for boys and girls, which some schools in my area don’t have.”

“Here in Liberia, the Children’s Law of Liberia was signed into law in 2012,” says Miata (14). “The law is based on the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, which aims to protect all children – and promote their right to education! Unlike my mother, I’ll now have the chance to have a good education as the law aims to make schools and teachers better. Plus, they’re going to introduce free, compulsory primary education for all children.”

“I live in Mendoza, Argentina,” says 12-year-old Sofa. “Here, if you go to a government school, you can study all the way up to an undergraduate degree in university – for free! This means that my parents don’t have to worry about whether they can afford to pay for me to finish school. Even if I don’t go to university, having finished my schooling is going to make a big difference in the kinds of jobs I can get.”

You too deserve and can get a good education!

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