Go for it!

Think big

We're sure you're getting pretty tired of thinking about what you want do when you leave school, or what career path you want to choose. When you were little, you dreamt of being an entrepreneur, a tailor, a baker, a teacher, a shop assistant, a mechanic… and all these big dreams seemed entirely possible. Now that you're older and wiser, you realise that to be successful at anything in life requires a lot of hard work and dedication. And here's the thing… you can do it! There’s no reason you can’t be anything you want to be - if you have a dream just focus on what you want and go for it, nothing is impossible!

So, here's how to turn your big dreams into big realities:

1. Find your inspiration.
Take a look around at the people in your community, and write down who inspires you. It could be your teacher who goes the extra mile to ensure that you understand your work; maybe it's the community health worker who now runs her own clinic; or it's the older woman who has managed the local supermarket your whole life.

2. Ask questions.
As long as you feel safe to do so, start conversations with these role models, ask them if you can have a few minutes of their time and find out how they started, detailing the ups and the downs of their journeys and what advice they can share. You'll be surprised at how motivated you will feel after hearing their stories.

3. Get experience.
If you're undecided as to which future path you want to pursue, ask if you can volunteer or observe some of your role models. Ask if you can apply to intern or job shadow (don't expect to be paid but if you do receive something, bonus!). A few days or weeks learning from your role models will certainly give you a taste of what you like and don't like.

4. Set goals.
By now, you may have a clearer idea of your dreams! So it's time to set some goals. Write down your short-term goals and your long-term goals, then give yourself timelines to achieve them. Start with the smaller, easier goals and work towards achieving the bigger ones.

Remember, nothing in life comes easy and there will be setbacks. Don't let that stop you – when you put in the effort you will be rewarded!

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