Are you a super saver?

Take our quiz to see how money smart you are!

Answer these eight questions to see if you’re a super spender – or a super saver.

  1. You get money for your birthday, you… A) Immediately spend it on a fun outing with friends. B) Put it in your bank account or store it away safely where nobody will find it.

  2. You’re at the market and you’re down to the last bit of money you have saved this month when you see that a t-shirt you’ve been eyeing has been reduced. What do you do? A) Buy it. After all, savings are there to be spent! B) Negotiate with the shop owner and get an even lower price.

  3. You make decisions about spending based on… A) Your feelings. When you’re sad, nothing feels better than a little treat. B) The plans you’ve made for how you want to spend the money in the future.

  4. For you, money means… A) Enjoyment and pleasure. B) Having a stable future.

  5. When you have lots of loose coins in your purse, you… A) Spend them – they’re not worth much anyway. B) Add them to your savings – every little bit counts.

  6. Do you often owe friends or family members money? A) Often – borrowing money isn’t a big deal. B) Not often – I don’t like owing people money.

  7. Do you keep track of how you spend your money, by writing purchases down or keeping receipts? A) No. B) Yes.

  8. Which would you rather do? A) Spend now, save later. B) Save now, spend later.

Now add up how many times you answered A and how many times you went with B. Click here to see your answers

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