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Dear Ms. Tech

I just started my account on Facebook. My friend told me I should be careful with my password. What does it mean to create a secure password?


Tika from Jakarta

Dear Tika from Jakarta,

A password is like a secret code that protects the information that you have stored in your mobile phone or a computer. It’s like a key to all the personal information that you have online. Just like you wouldn’t want someone to get into your home and go through your personal possessions, you don’t want someone to access your personal information online.

Most websites and mobiles require a password. This might be 4 digit number code also know as a PIN, or it might be a password using numbers, letters and symbols.

Secure passwords are really important when you are using a cyber-café or if you share a phone with a family member. You should create different passwords for your Facebook and email. Don’t share them with anyone (not even your very best friend!). You should also physically shield the computer with your body as you type in your password in at a cyber cafe.

When creating a number code or PIN choose 4 numbers that mean something special to you, but that would be hard for someone else to guess. Don’t use the day and year of your birth, for example. Don’t use the last four digits of your mobile phone number. Also, don’t use the same four numbers, like 2222. This kind of a code is too simple. Think of something creative that you will not easily forget!

When choosing a password, with words and symbols think of a phrase that you will remember easily, but that no one else would guess. It might be the title of a book or song that you like, with each word capitalized and a number at the end. For example: StoryOfMyLife89. You can also replace some letters with symbols, for example D@nceToTheBe@t.

Avoid using the names of your family members, friends, pets, anything relating to your birthday, your phone number, your hometown or your school. Don’t write your password down in a place where someone can easily find it and break into your account.

Have fun creating your password!

Love Ms. Tech

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