Look in the mirror…

See how awesome you really are!

Go to a mirror. Look into it. What do you see? Pimples. Hair that won’t behave. A complexion you hate. Fat. You feel awkward. You feel Stupid. Not perfect… ooooh, not even close to perfect.

First thing: know this, you’re not the only one feeling this way – many girls struggle with confidence. Secondly: stop!

No seriously, stop those thoughts about yourself right now.

We are our own worst enemies. We judge ourselves way too harshly. We say and think things about ourselves that we would never say or think about our friends or even our worst, most bitter, most hated enemies.

We all need a break and should start learning to love ourselves. The good news? We can start right now. Take this first step. Look into the mirror and see a beautiful girl with a beautiful mind and heart there. Guess who? It’s you.

Say it! Three simple words: “I am beautiful.”

Then say it again. Then shout it. Nevermind your mom and siblings who are asking why you’ve gone crazy, keep yelling it. You need to believe it, because it is true. Beautiful doesn’t mean what you see in a magazine or on television or somebody else's opinion that you are trying to live up to. It isn’t just about what is on the outside, it’s also about what’s on the inside.

Say it again: “I am beautiful!”

Because you are beautiful. You’re not perfect, nobody is. But you can be confident. You can be sure of who you are. You can decide who you are, and how you feel and react to the world. So it’s in your power, you can build your whole life around three little words:

“I am beautiful!”

And once you know that in your heart, everything gets easier. You don’t have to waste another minute on negative thoughts. Focus your energy into your passions and planning your amazing future!

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