Dress to kill

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

You have your first job interview next week and you don’t know what is appropriate to wear? Worry no more because we got you covered! Here’s the guide to mix and match your work attire!

Casual white shirt
Before you spend your hard-earned money to shop for working attire, look at your closet. You have at least one white button down shirt right? If you do, you are good to go! White shirt is the most safe yet essential to wear to work. You can go casual to professional with just one white shirt.

Something borrowed
You’re on a budget but you still need to go to the interview. You have no time to shop. What do you do? Easy peasy, you’ve got a fashion advisor you’ve known since the day you were born! Go to your mom’s or aunt’s closet and prepare to find some modern and vintage treasures! You literally never know what you’ll find. From vintage basic blouses to black blazers, Moms have it all! But make sure you always ask.

Shop classic!
If you really need to shop, then do it like the professional you’re going to be. Buy clothes that are timeless rather than trendy stuffs. Go with basic colors, like navy blue, grey and black. Try this combination: crisp white shirt, black mid length pencil skirt, stylish brown loafers! There you go, an instant classic look! Shop smartly by visiting your local thrift stores too.

Dress for success
And remember the number one rule: the most important thing you can wear to a job interview is confidence in yourself and your abilities. Know what your goals are during the interview, be well-researched about the position you’re interviewing for, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even if you are not 100% about your outfit, if you’re 100% about yourself, that’s the best outfit you’ll ever try on.

Best of luck, girls!

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