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We should do well in school, right? Of course! Sometimes, it’s hard to study, but here are some tips that are easy and fun to do, so you can get to the top of your class!

Color Your Life
Try this system for note-taking. While in school, you can listen to your teacher and write down the important information in your notebook. But when you get home, look at your notes again and re-write what you can so it helps you memorize what you’re writing. You can make your study notes pretty when you add cute drawings, use stickers to brighten up your notes, or change the color of the pens you’re using. When you find the right system that works for you, the more motivated you’ll be to study!

Break Time
Give your brain a break after an hour of studying, just to refresh yourself. Go outside, take a walk. This can inspire you and keep you focused.

Break Up with Your Phone
Just because you’re giving your brain a break, it doesn’t mean you can use your phone to chat or play games. Not right now. Place your phone and other gadgets far away from you. The world will not crumble and you won’t be a terrible friend just because you’re not replying right away to your BFF.

Quiz Yourself
Ask a sibling, a parent, or even a friend (which is great, because you’re bonding and studying at the same time!) if they can quiz you. That’s the ultimate proof that you’ve really studied; if you can remember the answers to all the questions they ask you.

Give Yourself a Reward
Of course, if you get a high score on your quiz, it’s totally fine to reward yourself. Because you did a great job! Whether it’s checking your Facebook for a few minutes longer, or going to the mall because of your high grade, go for it! You should definitely be proud of what you’ve achieved!

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