What do you want to be when you grow up?

Here are 3 steps to help you get started

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Are you always getting asked what you want to be when you grow up? Ahhh – it can be such a stressful question when you don't really know yet!

Don’t worry though! We’ve got 3 easy steps you can take to start the journey of discovering your path. Yup, it’s a journey, you won’t discover what you want to be overnight. So be patient with yourself and get exploring!

1. Consider what you enjoy doing

Do you like to draw? Maybe you can think about being an artist. Do you enjoy telling stories? Writers turn storytelling into a profession. Or maybe you enjoy maths and problem solving? You could become a business woman or an accountant. Your dream should be something you can have fun doing - so think about what you really love.

2. Figure out what you are good at

It feels good to be skilled at something. It helps you build your confidence. So consider if there’s a skill you have that you want to take to the next level. Are you good at sports? Maybe you can be a professional athlete! Are you good at practical problem solving? Engineers solve problems for a living! Do your classmates flock to you for help with their homework? Maybe you could be a teacher!

3. Think outside the box and explore new things

Keep your eyes open and see what jobs people do around you. You might discover a whole new field or profession you hadn’t thought of before. Also there are many after-school and summer classes you can try out. You might discover a talent you didn’t know you had!

Making a start is the most important thing. If you already know what you want to be when you grow up… you go girl! Keep at it. If you still don’t know, don’t panic. Like we said, it's a journey, and journeys take time. You might take a few different paths, but if you follow your heart you'll end up where you need to be eventually.

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