Growing Up, Not Apart

Friendships can grow closer — and more distant — without breaking apart

Changes are totally part of everyday life. They happen every day to everybody. We’re changing right at this moment! Change is everything, it is just a natural part of being a human.

But what if your friendships change?

It can happen very suddenly as you grow-up, and it can totally suck! One day you and your besties are together 24/7, the next day, poof! everyone is off doing new and exciting stuff without you. Umi has joined a band, Tri is focused on working out with her football team, and Dewi is getting more involved with helping out at her church.

It seems like everyone is moving on and totally over the friendship - everyone but you. And that makes you feel a bit jealous and sad, which to be honest, is totally OK. It’s what you do with those feelings that is important.

Friendships are great because they are like rubber bands, they can stretch really far without breaking. You might feel like you’ve lost them for good, but that’s the great thing about friendships, they can grow strong again. Nothing is over permanently!

Instead of worrying about the state of your friendship, try exploring some interests of your own. Figure out who you are! It is a big world, and you’re just getting started. You’ll be surprised at all the people you meet along the way, and the new experiences you’ll have.

And then check in with your friends! Find out what they’ve been up to. Share about all the things you’ve been doing, and talk to them about what they’re up to. You’ll find that the people you cared about are still the same people, they’ve just been discovering who they are — and your friendship will be even stronger.

See? You were worried over nothing at all!

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