It gets better

How to overcome cyberbullying

The Internet is a super fun place. You can express yourself. You can share your stories, thoughts, and emotions, and connect with friends anywhere in the world!

Worldwide BFFs? Yes, please!

But there’s stuff you gotta know. Firstly, the Internet is a public space. The things you share there can be viewed by your friends, family and even total strangers. If you’re not careful, you might attract negative attention by mean people, and even cyberbullies. So what should you do if you find yourself in this kind of situation?

Stay calm
Don’t panic. Don’t respond. Honestly, it will be OK. Just breathe. Now breathe again. If you receive a hateful or threatening comment, ignore it. Report that account, then block them out.

Just like in real life, bullies are encouraged when they see you getting upset. And also just like in real life, ignore the haters. Don’t give them any reason to take the fun out of using the Internet. Honestly? A lot of cyberbullies are just finding a way to get attention.

Prrrrt! Make it Stop!
If you do know the person who is bullying you and you see them everyday in school, tell them to stop. But if they continue bullying you, immediately contact an adult for help like a teacher or a guidance counselor. The bully can be suspended and expelled, depending on what they have done.

It’s Getting Serious
If you think you’ve done everything and you’re still being bullied, first of all, you should tell your parents or someone you trust what’s up. Second, be a good detective and save all of the computer evidence just in case you have to report the bullying to your teacher or even the police.

Cyber-bullying is really terrible against girls and women, so let’s all do our part to keep each other safe against cyber-bullies and be kind to one another online.

It gets better
Being cyber bullied can make you feel sad, but don’t worry.

Just think that you are not alone. There are a lot of people who care for you: your teachers, parents, and besties! You can turn to them if you find yourself as a victim of cyberbullying. And also think that there are millions and millions of other girls who’ve gone through the same things you have. And because they’re just like you, they’re all rooting for you to get through it.

You can do this, girl!

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